Holiday Destinations for Seniors

Tips for Seniors Who Love to Travel

August 22, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Travel Tips for Seniors who Love to Travel

Ensure a Good Holiday by Planning your Trip Carefully

Yes, it’s true… some of the best trips may have been those that you have done impromptu… especially in your youth, packing up a rucksack and hitchhiking with your friends. However, in most situations, the best travel holidays come out of good planning. Traveling within the country or out of the country should be done with a significant amount of pre-planning. This is doubly important for seniors. Older people should be extremely careful when making travel plans. You cannot leave everything behind and decide to travel on a whim. You need to ensure that medical conditions are managed and approved for travel by your doctor, take adequate amounts of medication to last the entire trip, etc. accommodation is safe and booked in advance. Whether you plan to travel alone, with a friend or spouse, or travel in a group is another crucial element of the travel plan. Remember, how well you manage your travel plans is the deciding factor on how much fun you will have on your trip.


Pre-Planning for the Trip

When you were younger, you consulted a travel agent about where you can have the best time. Now, you need to consider where the nearest medical facilities are in the area you are visiting, get to know the climate of the area, especially if you are traveling to a cold climate and you suffer from arthritis, make arrangements with the airports and hotels for wheelchairs and seating needs, etc. Do not forget to organize travel insurance with pre-existing cover just in case you fall ill during your trip. If you are afraid of traveling alone because of a health condition, consider going on a package tour. This way, you will have many people to keep an eye on you.


Pre-Trip Medical Check-Up

Always consider a full medical check-up before going on any trip. Discuss any health concerns you may have, especially if you are traveling to another country where the diet is different and may interfere with your normal eating habits. If you suffer from diabetes, ask your doctor about how to take your medication to fit the different time zones. Get your flu and pneumonia shots before leaving. Make sure you are vaccinated against infectious diseases and get a dental check-up too.


If Taking Medication

Some countries may not allow certain medications. However, a signed note from your doctor enables you to do so. A prescription should be written for over-the-counter medication too. Make sure you take enough medication to last your entire trip. Running out in the middle of the trip can be extremely inconvenient. Some medications purchased overseas may have differences in dosages. If you suffer from any pre-existing conditions, make sure you wear a bracelet or pendant that contains your medical details. This is extremely useful if you need emergency help.


Luggage and Flight Requirements

Always store medication, money, and travel documentation in a carry-on bag. Consider purchasing a long pillbox that enables you to store medication according to the days of the week. This is extremely convenient. Always ensure that your carry-on bag has wheels. Carrying a 5kg piece of luggage may not seem heavy when you are at home but carrying it for a long time can be extremely tiring and painful. Make sure you do not sit still, in the plane, for an extended period. This increases the risk of developing blood clots in the legs. Walking up and down the aisles at intervals can remedy this problem. Wear loose clothing when traveling and avoid alcoholic beverages.


Taking Care at your Destination

A new country can be exhilarating and exciting, but also dangerous. Therefore, avoid traveling at night and wearing expensive jewelry. Consider drinking only bottled water and avoid the purchase of food from street vendors. Take plenty of rest breaks. If you are traveling on a package tour, let the others go on if you are not feeling up to exploring a particular place. There is no harm in missing one or two attractions in the lineup.

Taking trips and seeing the four corners of the world can be extremely fun and exciting. However, enjoying your trip depends on how you take care of yourself. Consider the above advice and you are sure to have the best time.

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