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Urbanizing Your Retirement

July 24, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

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Love bright lights, and late nights? Many baby boomers, empty nesters, and retirees are trading in the laid back lifestyle of the country or suburbs for the vibrant energy of metropolitan living where an abundance of amenities and nightlife gets them rediscovering their second youth. For “downsizers,” the urban jungle can provide a way to shed extra square footage, and enjoy a lower maintenance apartment or condo lifestyle near the action. City life offers a melting pot of cultural diversity where active adults can live big with easy access to shopping, entertainment, and healthcare. Retirement living is active living, and from the convenience of public transit to a midnight Chinese food run, an urban setting is ideal for 55+ retirees not ready to give up their spirit of adventure.

Save money at the pump. Many large cities are best traveled on foot or via public transit. Portland, Oregon for example is home to the Max light rail, a highly efficient transport system with 84 stations, and 52 miles of track to take you virtually anywhere. Active adults who love to get out and about, and want to save on vehicle maintenance, will find this to be both economical, and convenient. Also, who wants to spend hours finding, and paying for parking?

For snowbirds seeking a second retirement home, apartment, or condo rentals are a great option. Many high rise apartment buildings provide a low or maintenance-free lifestyle ideal for seasonal residents, with some offering amenities such as a fitness center, and concierge service. The Touraine on the upper east side in New York is the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle featuring stunning condominiums, where active adults can enjoy their own library, a wine cellar, and a rooftop terrace. 55+ city dwellers are all about the location, and being able to step outside with easy access to whatever strikes their fancy, makes smaller-scale housing the perfect compromise.

Rural transplants can appreciate being minutes from services such as healthcare facilities, shopping, dining, and entertainment. A walkable downtown is a great way for active adults to get moving, and thanks to senior discounts retirees can take advantage of amenities like fitness centers and restaurants. Not having to travel far to access these services, means more time doing what you love.

The beauty of living in the city is it’s always ready when you are, and with opportunities at your fingertips, what better way to be spontaneous!

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