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What do Female Seniors look for in a Retirement Home?

October 31, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

What do Female Seniors look for in a Retirement Home

Active adult communities are designed and built to suit the requirements of both male and female seniors. Most often, homes in these communities please both parties. However, there are times when women prefer different things in their homes than men. Women, no matter what age, tend to be quite choosy and adamant about what they want in their homes. Here are some key features that 55+ ladies would love to have in their senior homes.

Plenty of Closet SpaceWomen are always short of space when it comes to their cupboards.  An ideal retirement home would be one with a large walk-in closet with clothes racks, space for shoes, and a full-length mirror.  The door locks to the closet should be safe and not the type that locks on its own from the inside, as this can be a major hazard to seniors living on their own.

Separate BathsSharing a bathroom with a spouse can be very irritating.  He may mess up the bathroom, take hours having a shower, and may interrupt her time in the bath.  However, as many homes do not feature separate bathrooms for him and her, she may be happy considering a bathroom that caters to two people, with a bathtub, shower cubicle, double sinks, and a beautiful vanity table.

A Well-Designed KitchenMost ladies like spending time in the kitchen concocting various tasty dishes. If this is the case, she may be looking for a home with a well-designed kitchen fit for a gourmet chef.  She may require plenty of storage space, two-level counters, a kitchen block, and high-end energy-efficient appliances.

A Guest Room for FamilyAll women, irrespective of age, love entertaining.  For this reason, female seniors may look for a home with additional guest room/rooms for visiting family and friends.  This will be the room where she can chat with her visiting daughter before she goes to sleep, or watch her grandson fall asleep.

A Porch with a Fantastic ViewFront porches are necessary for homes.  They are inviting and very homely.  This is a place where she can sit and do her knitting and watch the neighborhood or take in the scenery and enjoy some peace and quiet with her favorite book for the company. It is also an ideal place for friends to gather over a good cuppa and reminisce about the good old times!


Community Requirements

Women not only look for certain requirements in their homes, but they also consider the need for other things in the community. Here are some key points that score high on the list of a senior female who is making a purchase decision in an Active Adult Community.

A Gated Community – Many senior ladies prefer homes with different forms of security, such as gated communities with a security guard or a home with a high-tech security system. This makes them feel safe and secure. Check out some wonderful, gated communities such as the Trilogy® at the Polo Club by Shea Homes in California or the Solera Chandler by Del Webb in Arizona, and a host more in other states across the USA by visiting our website.

Various Activities – Senior ladies prefer communities that offer them a range of choices when it comes to activities and entertainment. For example, they may like a community that provides art and craft facilities, spa treatments, and a swimming pool.

All active adult communities strive to cater to the requirements of both females and males. This is why they make sure that all communities are fully equipped with amenities and facilities preferred by both sexes. If you are looking for a home in an active adult community, visit ActiveAdultLiving.com, where you will find more than 8,500 communities that cater to your requirements. You are sure to find a home that includes at least 80% of your requirements.

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