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What’s on the Outside Counts for Homebuyers

November 16, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

What’s on the Outside Counts for Homebuyers

When exploring their home options, most baby boomers would agree the common denominator in finding the perfect sanctuary is an outdoor oasis. Before checking out the master suite, many potential buyers head straight for the backyard to see if they’ll have space for entertaining, a fenced area for the dog, and a lush lawn for stargazing. Notorious for fabulous year-round weather, destinations like Florida, California, and Arizona are where the demand for outdoor entertaining is practically a religion, and community designers are having to step up the challenge of building a lifestyle where active adults can easily make the transition from indoor living to relaxing in style outdoors.

The most desirable real estate is coveted for having oversized windows, and bright, open living areas why? People want their homes flooded with natural lighting to feel closer to nature and have the earthy connection that comes with seeing trees rustling in the breeze. Taylor Morrison’s NEXT adventure homes are an idyllic representation of blending indoor/outdoor spaces with outdoor “living rooms” where even on a rainy day, relaxing in an easy chair is just as cathartic as lounging poolside in the heat of summer. Active adults expect their homes to be as beautiful on the outside as they are inside, and luxury builder Toll Brothers has outdoor living down to an art form with impressive outdoor features from expansive sliding glass doors, fireplaces, and spacious dining areas.

Finding a 55+ community that takes the yard work out, and puts the fun back in is a major bonus for homebuyers. Many provide landscape maintenance and depending on the region even shovel snow so residents can spend more time enjoying their homes, and the curb appeal that comes with an immaculately maintained exterior. Outside of BBQs with family, and pool parties with the grandkids, active adult residents want a room to roam. The hottest communities offer plenty of outdoor activities like walking trails, golf courses, and nature preserves that even apartment dwellers without a private yard can take advantage of. Buyers want the seamless unification of indoor-outdoor living to enjoy a potluck with neighbors or a quiet evening with a glass of wine. In High-rise communities with a secluded balcony or single-family homes with acreage, marketing outside space is serious business.

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