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Working Beyond Retirement Reaps Big Rewards

July 10, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

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The baby boomer generation has work experience down to a science, and a dedication that employers are hard pressed to find these days. For many older adults, the idea of retiring is a far distant notion, and companies are more than happy to keep these loyal, and seasoned veterans on staff to teach their youngsters a thing or two. According to the JP Morgan Chase Institute, the number of boomers working past the age of 65 is on the rise whether it’s out of economic necessity or they just love what they do, and this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Employees willing to put in the time without counting down to the happy hour are hard to come by. Companies are seeing the value of mature workers, and the dedication, and integrity they’re bringing to the table. Another bonus to hiring empty nesters is they don’t have young kids to shuttle to baseball practice with greater flexibility in their schedules, and a desire to give it their all. These employees have a passion to continue growing in their careers, with a determination to help their companies thrive.

Round two careers are big on the boomer circuit whether it’s starting a hobby business like pet sitting, or delving into opening a shop or launching an online company. These savvy entrepreneurs may have blown out the retirement candles on their 9-5 jobs, but it doesn’t mean they’ve clocked out for good. Now is an amazing time for them to become their own boss, and take that goldmine of expertise to the next level. If they’re in the position of hiring employees, finding like-minded age peers are often the goal.

From the nation’s presidents to the Queen of England, getting older is worn like a badge of honor. These influential leaders are where they are because they’re experience is extensive, and their passion is limitless. One added bonus to working 65, and beyond, is it adds youth and vitality. It exercises the brain, keeps one socially engaged, and according to Kiplinger, it pays to postpone retirement. Tacking on a few more years may mean a larger pension to give that nest egg a healthy boost. Statistics show boomers to be one of the wealthiest generations overall, and a steady work ethic may be the reason why this elite demographic isn’t prepared to call it quits.

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