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Thinking About Retiring Off the Grid?

February 24, 2021 • Fenny Peiffer

Retiring Off the Grid

Sometimes city life can get a little claustrophobic. Whether you’re dealing with nosy neighbors, obstructed views, or a strict HOA, the desire for more elbow room and the freedom to roam has many empty nesters and retirees retreating to where the grass is greener – off the grid. To most people, the idea of living off the grid means hunkering down in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than a crackling campfire, but in reality, many have found it a surprisingly sustainable way to live. If you’re someone with a spirit of ingenuity, with the desire to break free from the constraints of city municipalities, this lifestyle could be the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

What is life beyond city limits? Think of saying goodbye to your monthly utility bills, and learning to rely on alternate sources of power, water, and heat. If you’ve imagined building a home without hassling building codes, and you love wide open spaces, this could be your perfect match. As freeing as the concept of skipping town can be, becoming your own contractor requires some thorough research and careful planning. Is your nest egg prepared for the startup costs needed to get your home up, and running? It won’t be as easy to call a handyman for maintenance, and repairs, so get ready to make friends with elbow grease, and DIY. Unless you have a corner market nearby, shops and services will typically be further than what you’re used to, so budgeting for regular stock-up trips will be important.

Going green is a big selling point when it comes to living outside the city. A life off the grid means resorting to cost-efficient energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and using alternative fuels to heat, and cool the home. Without access to the city water supply, most people tap into groundwater by digging a well or utilizing a rainwater cistern. Also imperative is installing a water purification system. Whether you’ve always wanted backyard chickens, or practice fine-tuning your green thumb, living off the land, and growing your own food brings new meaning to eating locally, and substantially reduces monthly grocery expenses.

Retiring to become one with nature is restorative, and liberating especially for outdoorsy types. Whatever the reason whether you’re downsizing or adopting a minimalist lifestyle, the decision to live off the grid inspires resourcefulness, and creativity. From fulfilling a dream of building a cabin in the mountains, or having a tiny home on the beach, replacing the incessant hum of urban mainstream with the rural solitude of wind rustling through the trees is a refreshing lesson in self-discovery.

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